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From new roof construction to monthly roof
maintenance and roof repair, discover why
so many of the region’s largest and most
famous roofs have been trusted to us.
Why do some of the largest roofs in the region trust the professionals at Commonwealth Roofing?

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We have been providing roofing solutions in the Kentuckiana area for over 30 years by standing by our word and standing by our work. We are a member of the Certified Contractor program through the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association (KRCA), which means that we are insured, bonded, qualified, and ethical.

Our goal is to provide exceptional service while also educating our customers on the latest developments in our industry. We partner with the best manufacturing partners in the industry to ensure that your roof is made of high-quality material.

If you have roofing needs at your business, church, factory, warehouse, or home, we can provide you with safe and high-value roofing services. Contact us today to see why businesses with some of the largest roofs in the area trust Commonwealth Roofing Corp. And make sure that any roofing company you look to work with is:

  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Held to KRCA Code of Business Ethics
  • Engaged in Extensive Continuing Education
Commercial Maintenance
Real-time updates and reporting on the condition of your roof. Nobody protects your roof and investment like Commonwealth.

The best way to limit costly roof repairs is by using a preventative maintenance program. Commonwealth Roofing provides an affordable program that ensures that small roof problems don’t grow into large expenses. By participating in our maintenance program, you are not only protecting your investment, you are preserving the life of your roof.

Our regular inspection and maintenance will allow us to alert you to any need for repairs before larger problems develop. Our award-winning service department will document and photograph every visit. With us, you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands.

Kentucky State Capital Refurbished by Commonwealth
Roofing Corp.
Storm & Hail
You’d check your roof at home, why not your roof at work?

No matter what the shape or type of building, Commonwealth Roofing can handle the job.

This includes roofs on the following types of buildings:

Apartment Roof
Church Roof
Factory Roof
Government Building Roof
Historical/Landmark Property Roof
Roof Restoration
Hospital Roof
Hotel Roof
Industrial Office Park Roof
Manufacturing Facilities Roof
Medical Building Roof
Metal Building Roof
Motel Roof
Office Building Roof
Residential Roof
Restaurant Roof
School Roof
Shopping Center Roof
Strip Mall Roof
Warehouse Roof