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Wood Shingle / Shake Roof


Wood Shingle / Shake Roof

Although the climate in the Ohio River Valley (wet & humid) is not as conducive to wood roofing as some other areas of the country, wood shingles & shakes are still sometimes used here and can be a very attractive steep roof option.

Wood shingles are smooth-sawn shingles of various widths while wood shakes are hand-split & have a rough surface. Most wood roofs used today are cedar though other species have been used in the past. Care must be taken that the wood shingles or shakes can breathe when such a roof is designed & installed or the life span can be greatly diminished.

Commonwealth Roofing has a great deal of experience in installing, maintaining & repairing wood shingle & shakes. If you are interested in wood, call or email “The Roofers”at Commonwealth Roofing for the best solutions.