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The last thing you want to
worry about is your roof, with
Commonwealth Roofing you’ll
never worry about it again.
Your roof is a necessary evil, something you
don't want to spend money on, but something
that can really hurt your business if it's not
maintained, repaired or installed correctly.
Warehouse Roof


Warehouse Roof

Att: Property managers & building owners – the most important thing you can do to care for your property/investment is to have a Preventative Maintenance Program in place. For large facilities such as warehouses, scheduled inspections may prolong the roof life & also indicate areas that require attention before an incident occurs.

If your warehouse or industrial facility currently has a metal roof nearing the end of its service life, Commonwealth Roofing can help you with a cost effective, warrantied roof system to restore your building’s water-tight integrity.

We can provide estimates for a new metal roof or find the membrane roof that will retro-fit your building & also ensure the best value for you.(to retro-fit a roof, no tear off is required, we simply roof over)

Roofing systems must also be economical yet high-performance & for air-conditioned spaces, heat reflectivity can have a big bonus in energy savings.

If you have a warehouse complex of hundreds of thousands of square feet or run a small shop in the industrial park, Commonwealth Roofing is the KRCA Certified contractor with the best solutions available for your roofing problems.

From small repairs, inspection, and maintenance to complete re-roofing, we are expert & experienced in working with existing systems as well as installation of new systems.

Whatever your need is, call, click or email us for the best solutions for your warehouse roof.