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Tile Roof

Tile Roof

Commonwealth Roofing has extensive experience in repairing & maintaining tile roof systems. We’ve been roofing Kentucky & Indiana for 30 years now & have seen considerable inventory of quality tile roofs. Some of these roofs are approaching a century old & are still functioning! They do, however, require maintenance, especially with the underlayment, flashings & valleys.

The use of tile in new installations is also making a comeback. Not since just after the turn of the 1900′s have clay & concrete tile roofs been so much in demand.

  • Tile roofs are available in concrete tile or clay tiles & in many different colors & shapes.
  • Tile’s versatility gives building or homeowners the ability to choose something that matches their structure. Keep in mind that the freeze-thaw cycles in our climate demand that tile used here must not absorb moisture. This means that some of the cheaper & more permeable tiles used in California and Florida might not be suitable here in Kentuckiana.
  • Roofing tiles come in all different varieties. Shingle, shake & slate are just some of the varieties of tile. When it comes to concrete tiles, the texture, hue & shape are no issue at all. In fact, they often don’t end up looking like tile at all.
  • The main drawback to tile is weight. It is important to know whether or not your roof structure can hold the weight of tile. It is recommended that you consult with Commonwealth Roofing to make sure your roof structure can support a tile roof.
  • Expect to pay similar prices to slate roofing with this material, but this product will last well over 50 years. Keep in mind, the installed price is not the only factor determining the overall cost of installing tile roofing. You also need to take into account the maintenance costs & the re-sale value. It may be helpful to know that tile roofing offers a Class A fire rating which not only provides safety for everything under the roof, but also can reduce insurance costs & will add to the resale value.

If you are looking for a new tile roof or repair for an old one, give us a call, click or email & we’ll help you find the best solution for your roof.