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Steep Slope Roof

Steep Slope Roof

Roof slope is considered the primary factor in roof design. The slope of a roof impacts the interior size of a building, the drainage, the style, the material & the cost of your roof.

The slope of a roof is often referred to as the pitch. The slope, or pitch, of the roof is determined by the vertical rise. A roof deck that rises 8 inches for every 12 inches of horizontal run would have an 8-in-12 or 8/12 pitch.

Steep sloped roofs are generally less expensive, more visually pleasing & tend to last longer. They can, however, raise the cost of framing the roof deck & constructing other building elements such as chimneys, vents, and mechanical equipment. Many find that it is worth it because the roofing material is estimated to last up to 50% longer & will require less maintenance in the long run.

A roof with a 4/12 pitch or higher will support products such as shingles, slate or tiles. However, these systems cannot be used on low-slope roofs. Likewise, a single-ply membrane or a built-up roof will probably not be appropriate for most steep-slope roofs.

Commonwealth Roofing has earned the title “The Roofers” and will give you good advice and service with the repair or replacement of steep slope roofs.