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The last thing you want to
worry about is your roof, with
Commonwealth Roofing you’ll
never worry about it again.
Your roof is a necessary evil, something you
don't want to spend money on, but something
that can really hurt your business if it's not
maintained, repaired or installed correctly.
Shopping Center
Shopping Center Roof


Shopping Center Roof

Commonwealth Roofing provides the best solution for your shopping center roof with excellent roof systems and extra-ordinary service and workmanship.

We know shopping centers and strip malls need minimal disruption, maximum safety and efficiency so that your customers enjoy their shopping experience regardless of any roofing projects occurring. Shopping centers and strip malls contain many different types of businesses from retail stores to insurance offices to laundry mats to restaurants and these businesses are open to the public for long hours with constant people traffic. We are experienced in these situations and are confident of your satisfaction.

Commonwealth Roofing carries several membrane roof systems that provide solutions to the challenges we mentioned above. Our Duro-Last PVC and Carlisle TPO systems are both lightweight membrane systems that install over most old roofs and don’t use hot asphalt or volatile chemical adhesives. This saves the cost and mess of a tear-off and minimizes or eliminates noxious fumes for minimal disruption.

For restaurants that constantly vent greasy cook tops onto roofs, our PVC systems are the only major flat roofing material that holds up well in the presence of animal fats. That’s something to consider for centers that either currently of might someday include any type of restaurant.

If a new Duro-Last or Carlisle roof doesn’t fit the bill in your situation, we carry most all types of quality systems including shingles, metal, EPDM, TPO, and modified asphalt. We are also expert in repairs, inspection, and maintenance of existing systems. Whatever is needed, call or email “The Roofers” at Commonwealth Roofing.