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Commonwealth Roofing can help you find the best solutions to the replacement or repair of your home’s roof. When the time comes to repair or replace the roof on your home, there are many options and consider-
actions to make. Most residential roofs are steep-sloped though some homes require a low-sloped roof system.

Steep-sloped roofing most often consists of one of many types of shingles, though other options include metal, slate, tile, and thatch. Considerations include cost, appearance, wind and hail resistance, service-life, dependable performance, and energy efficiency.

One of the most often overlooked energy considerations is ventilation. The attic under a steep roof must be ventilated not only to remove hot air in summer, but, more importantly, moisture in the winter. Homes generate a good deal of moisture, especially from kitchens and bathrooms. This moisture will rise through the permeable ceiling and insulation of a home, and if it isn’t vented out of the attic it will condense and saturate the insulation rendering it ineffective. A properly designed residential roof will include ventilation that is balanced between intake and exhaust.

Shingles of one type or another are the most commonly used residential roofs. Shingle manufacturers have made considerable advancements in design and construction to address wind and hail resistance, algae resistance, appearance, and performance. If, however, the roof on your home has suffered storm damage, we can work with your insurance company for a fair resolution.

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What Type Of Roof Do You Want Or Have?
With over 30 years of experience, we have worked with all types of roofs from shingle to wood and thatched. We are “The Roofers “ you can trust.

To retrofit or replace existing roofs or to install the best roofs on new structures, Commonwealth Roofing stays up to-date with the industry’s latest systems and materials.

No matter what your roof is made of or what type of building you have, The Roofers at Commonwealth Roofing have never found a building or structure we couldn’t top.

What type of roofing project do you have? We service but are not limited to the following types of roofs:

How To Make
An Insurance Claim
We not only inspect your roof for damage, we also assist you in working with your insurance company and filling out the claims.

If there is damage to your home’s roof due to a storm, hail, fire, or other disaster, the first order of business is to make a written claim to your insurance provider. You will need to make contact quickly, as there is typically a time frame by which you will need to make a claim. Find out if your insurance provider has any policies in case a total replacement of the roof is needed. Be sure to follow claim procedures carefully and make sure you get the insurance coverage. Insurance adjusters will need to consider the following:

  • Evidence of damage
  • Age and condition of the roof
  • Type of roof system
  • Prior maintenance of the roof
  • Building codes

Commonwealth Roofing Corp. can help maintain your roof’s records with our service and maintenance plan. We can also assist in working with an insurance company to make sure the entire basis is covered.