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The last thing you want to
worry about is your roof, with
Commonwealth Roofing you’ll
never worry about it again.
Your roof is a necessary evil, something you
don't want to spend money on, but something
that can really hurt your business if it's not
maintained, repaired or installed correctly.
Motel Roofs


Motel Roofs

Commonwealth Roofing specializes in several membrane roof systems that minimize noise and fumes for Motel roofs. We appreciate that your guests are there to relax and be stress-free, let us help you ensure that your customers aren’t bothered by your roofing issues.

Our Duro-Last PVC and Carlisle TPO systems are both mechanically-attached heat-welded systems that install over most old roofs and don’t use hot asphalt or volatile chemical adhesives. This means minimal disruption to operations and happier guests and patients.

Commonwealth Roofing Corp. has been a Duro-Last Elite Contractor for over a decade, which means we consistently meet the highest quality scores on our Duro-Last installations. This assures a long-lasting quality installation of an excellent system that is designed to go down over most old roofs with minimal mess, noise, and expense.

If a new Duro-Last or Carlisle roof doesn’t fit the bill in your situation, we carry most all types of quality systems including shingles, metal, EPDM, TPO, and modified asphalt. We are also expert in repairs, inspection, and maintenance of existing systems. Whatever is needed, call or email “The Roofers” at Commonwealth Roofing for the best solutions to problems with roofs on hotels, motels, and medical facilities.