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Metal Roof

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are a very popular & beautiful alternative to shingle roofs. Copper & stainless steel are metal roofing options, but their cost is often outside of the budget of many building owners & homeowners.

Installing a metal roof opposed to a shingle roof will normally cause an increase in price, however,
* Their increased life span can still make them a good value.
* Can often be applied over several layers of old shingles, so tear-off expenses may be reduced or eliminated.
* Many metal roof manufacturers also provide a lifetime warranty.

Modern metal roofing is:

  • lightweight
  • low-maintenance
  • fireproof
  • life expectancy of 30 years
  • energy efficient
  • durable
  • manufactured to give virtually any look conceivable
  • provides possible discounts on your homeowner’s insurance

The two most common metal roofing materials are coated aluminum & steel, both are durable & lightweight. Sometimes the metal is painted with enamel, but more often the coating used is a fluorocarbon coating commonly known as Kynar. This is a durable coating that stays flexible & is more weather resistant than paint. While factory-applied Kynar or paint helps the appearance & rust-resistance of a metal roof, it also eliminates the ability to solder the metal. Meaning that particular attention must be paid to details, walls, vents & valleys.

For those that enjoy the look of tile or slate, the lighter weight aluminum or steel can resemble the look & also be supported by your roof structure. Aluminum is fast-becoming a top choice because it does not rust, it deafens the sound of rain & is easily formed to simulate cedar shakes, tiles & slate. Simulated cedar shakes are most popular & difficult to distinguish from real shakes. They are available in many standard colors & in a few energy efficient paint options.

If you are looking for a new metal roof or to repair an old tin or copper roof (including built-in cornice gutter linings), contact Commonwealth Roofing & see why we have earned the title “The Roofers”.