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Metal Building
Metal Building Roof


Metal Building Roof

In and around Louisville, Commonwealth Roofing has the experience and products to deal with the unique problems involved with metal building roofs. While most any type of building can have an architectural metal roof, a metal building is designed from the foundation up to receive an entire metal skin. Often called steel buildings, the siding panels are usually the same as the roof panels.

While a metal building can be an economical way to build a large and sound structure, the roof panels can develop problems.

  • If it has exposed fasteners (usually screws with grommets), they can work loose or wallow the surrounding metal.
  • Metal expands and contracts so much with temperature changes, the seams, laps, and flashing details can open up.
  • If the coating of the steel panels is weak or becomes worn, rust can completely destroy the panels.
  • If the damage is manageable, we can repair your metal building roof with properly designed coatings and sealants.
  • If the roof is too far gone to repair, there are ways to install a new roof membrane over the metal panel roof without the expense of tearing in off and installing new metal.

We fill in the flutes of the existing metal panels with insulation board, then install a lightweight and heat-reflective membrane like Duro-Last to revive the metal building with low-maintenance membrane that carries the best warranty in the industry.

We are expert in repairs, inspection, and maintenance of metal building roofs as well as in the installation of these new replacement systems. Whatever is needed, call or email “The Roofers” at Commonwealth Roofing for the best solutions to problems with your metal buidling.