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Historical/Landmark Property
Roof Restoration
Historical/Landmark Property Roof Restoration


Historical/Landmark Property Roof Restoration

Commonwealth Roofing is highly experienced in working with the Landmarks Commission for your historical/landmarked property for roof restoration. While some contractors may lead you to believe that your roof cannot be salvaged, we believe in providing you with the facts. If a new roof is not necessary, we aren’t going to sell you a new roof. We take pride in salvaging roofs and satisfying our customers.

If you are searching for information regarding your historical property, you’ve come to the right place. This page is dedicated to providing you with information that you may need when renovating your property. Links are provided below to visit the Landmarks Commission for further information & also a link regarding TAX CREDIT INCENTIVES.

In Jefferson county, you will need to contact the Landmark’s Commission to ensure that the changes or additions you are planning are victorian-houseproperly done. This page will assist you in contacting the correct people, listing forms that may be required & several maps to help you understand if you are within an area that requires help from the Landmarks Commission.

The following information was taken directly from the Landmarks Commission website.

Roof replacement projects do need to be reviewed and approved unless the roofing exactly matches the previous roof. The color of the shingles should be reviewed in particular: darker grays, slate colors, and warm grays are recommended. White, tan, and black shingles should be avoided. Retaining and repairing slate, tile, and sheet metal roofs and ornamentation is encouraged.

Have you heard of “Local Preservation Districts”? Have you ever visited Old Louisville, Cherokee Triangle, Limerick, West Main Street, Parkland Business District, Butchertown, or Clifton? Have you ever considered what the “Local Preservation District” designation means for a neighborhood?

As a property owner in a Local Preservation District, you should be aware of the design review process for all exterior changes except routine maintenance, including demolition & new construction. This process is used as an assurance that changes in the area will maintain area characteristics.

The proposed work is reviewed for conformance to design guidelines established for the district. Depending on the scope of the project it is reviewed by either the Commission staff, the district’s Architectural Review Committee, or the full Commission. A project may be Approved, Approved with Condition, or Denied. If the project is “Approved” or “Approved with Condition”, a Certificate of Appropriateness is issued and the work may proceed subject to all other applicable regulations. If a project is “Denied”, a Certificate of Appropriateness is not issued and the work may not proceed.

Studies continue to show that the values of properties within preservation districs are positively affected by district designation due primarily to the retention of each district’s unique character.

Commonwealth Roofing has been working with the Landmarks Commission for years. We specialize in finding the best solution for your historical property.

Click HERE to visit the Historic Landmarks & Preservation Districts Commission website.

Click HERE to find out if you qualify for tax credits regarding your property.