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Your roof is a necessary evil, something you
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that can really hurt your business if it's not
maintained, repaired or installed correctly.
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Factory Roof

Commonwealth Roofing can assist you in overcoming some common obstacles when roofing a factory. Factory roofs have a wide range of challenges – some can involve harsh or caustic environments such as acids, solvents, or animal fats. Others might have a large amount of mechanical equipment with its accompanying vibrations and maintenance.

We have a variety of systems and services to meet most any challenge that an industrial roof might present. For chemical resistance, we have the knowledge and experience to use the right products for any environment. And for the multitude of equipment and penetrations that can be on an industrial roof, we concentrate on getting these details right the first time.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) estimates that nearly half of all roof failures are the result of poor installation – especially at the flashing details. This is why it’s sometimes more important selecting a professional contractor than selecting the system. The devil’s in the details!

We are expert in repairs, inspection, and maintenance of existing systems as well as installation of new systems. Whatever is needed, call or email “The Roofers” at Commonwealth Roofing for the best solutions to problems with factory and industrial roofs.