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The last thing you want to
worry about is your roof, with
Commonwealth Roofing you’ll
never worry about it again.
Your roof is a necessary evil, something you
don't want to spend money on, but something
that can really hurt your business if it's not
maintained, repaired or installed correctly.
Commonwealth Roofing Corp. provides a variety of services to business owners and property managers whether your building needs a roof inspection, repair, or a whole new roof.

Commercial Roofing

Our commitment to quality and service means a watertight, long-lasting, and energy-efficient roofing system for your building.

No matter what the shape or type of building, Commonwealth Roofing can handle the job. This includes roofs on the following types of buildings:

Nobody else offers our unique RoofSmart™ maintenance program. It allows us to keep a close eye on your roof to prevent surprises and helps us to catch small issues before they become big and expensive problems.

Commercial Maintenance

Unlike other roofing contractors, Commonwealth Roofing Corp. prioritizes service and maintenance of your roof. With proper care and attention, the life of your roof can be noticeably extended.

We start by researching your existing roof history and performing a thorough on-site survey. Next, we develop a detailed survey and inventory for each building or major section of the roof with photos and notes keyed to a scale roof drawing.

The following years, twice a year, we do a detailed inspection of your building and roof system to detect any signs of trouble at their earliest stages. Everything is documented, photographed, and referenced. Our service plan also includes cleaning debris from drains and gutters, as well as doing minor repairs.

Finally, we provide results and recommendations to determine how you can get the most out or your existing roof, as well as to help you plan for your future replacement and upgrades.

Our affordable maintenance program will give business owners, insurance carriers, lenders, and tenants peace of mind.

Commonwealth Roofing Maintenance Program
Repair or
If a hailstorm hits, we all think about our roof at home, but what about the damage done to our business roof?

Commonwealth Roofing | Repair or Replace

If the roof of your commercial building has been damaged and needs to be fixed, there are two main approaches you can take: repair your roof or replace it. Repairing the roof will obviously save your company money in the short run, but in many cases a new roof yields the best value.

All roofs have a life span. When a roof comes to the end of its life span, trying to repair it can be throwing good money away. How do you tell if it’s time to replace the roof? Look for the signs: widespread hail damage, open seams, deteriorated flashings, or overall wear in the membrane.

You can trust Commonwealth Roofing to help you get the answers to make your decision. We know the roofing industry inside and out and we can help you get the facts. It’s one of the many reasons we’ve earned the reputation as “The Roofers.™”

Commonwealth Roofing | Commercial Building Roof