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Church Roof

Commonwealth Roofing is expert in a vast assortment of products and systems to provide your church with a variety of choices when considering roof appearance and performance. However, it is quite possible that nearly 50% of church roofs we have serviced in the past, have leaks & water damage from lack of proper roof & gutter maintenance. A gutter cleaning or simple roof maintenance may solve your problem & eliminate the necessity for costly repairs or replacement. Below are some other notorious issues known to churches.

Churches often present unique roofing issues:


  • Traditional & historical yet impacted the greatest by weather due to their obvious exposure.
  • Usually if a church steeple is the culprit of the leak, missing or wind damaged materials or natural decay could be the cause since they are difficult to keep maintained.
  • Other notorious leaks may occur where the steeple base meets an adjoining roof due to improper flashing or flashing decay.


  • Occasionally suffer from missing shingles or missing slate that have fallen out.
  • Light weight metal roofs (tin) often have a tendency of damage from wind gusts & a lot of times metal roofs are not painted annually & lack of painting these roofs can lead to premature decay.
  • Roof leaks may occur at fascia wall/roof flashings, deterioration can be caused by old caulk or decayed metal.


  • These roofs can leak from something as simple as improper drainage or clogged roof drains.
  • Service technicians servicing mechanical equipment such as air conditioning units, can inadvertently damage the roof without knowing it.
  • Most people don’t actually know the age of their roof & leaks can occur from roof deterioration.

Replacement versus Repair Options:

  • Single ply roof systems offer a cost effective, low maintenance alternative to more traditional built-up roof systems. Some single ply membranes are energy-star rated & may save the church energy costs over the life of the roof.
  • If modified roofs (built-up) are still preferred, a modified SBS roof system in cold adhesive provide the protection of traditional built-up roofs without the fumes of a hot tar kettle.
  • Synthetic shingles & slate are a cost-effective, attractive replacement to traditional slate roofs.
  • Modern day metal roofs are an alternative solution to traditional tin or copper roofs.
  • Most steeple roofs can be repaired as opposed to replaced with modern day materials & coatings.

We are expert in most all types of quality systems including shingles, metal, EPDM, TPO, PVC, & modified asphalt. Whatever your need is, we will provide you with the most effective, valuable solution for your church roof. If you would like to schedule a maintenance program, repair or replacement estimate, please use the contact us form.

“We are very satisfied with your work, we receive excellent service & we wouldn’t think of using anyone else.”

Al Lloyd
Hikes Point Christian Church